All By Myself

There is a song called I Can Lift A Car Up by this rock band named Walk the Moon that my sister would continuously play. The main chorus of the song would repeat “All By Myself I Can Lift A Car Up All By Myself”. I used to think what an odd song to sing but its those rare moments that even in the oddest nature of songs you can grasp a meaning out of it. Recently I accomplished obtaining my master’s degree in Human and Social Services. 39 years old mother of 4 teenagers two on the Autism Spectrum while working, attending educational meetings for them volunteering in my community juggling and balancing life and still trying not let that crown tilt off my head. I woke up Sunday Morning and that song “ All By Myself I Can Lift A Car Up “ continued to play inside my ear but the thing is as women we juggle the heaviness of life and carry so much on shoulders and go on without recognition . We lift so much without comprehending the worth of our strengthen.

As a black woman I have collected over the years an abundance of empowering women that I call my sheroes. I think every woman should do this in life, look to women who have inspired and empowered you to evolve into your best you. These amazing women are different colors, ages, and ethnicities. Each with their own story whom I have had the privileged of sitting next to and sharing pearls of wisdom with. What I have admired from each one of them is their courageous tenacity. On the day of receiving my master’s degree I received a handwritten letter from a woman who said I was a reflection of herself as single mother trying to complete her degree and raise two sons on her own. I remember receiving a message from a good friend whose sister lost her battle to cancer and she posted a direct message to me about how I empowered her.

I literally had to send every woman in my life a card with a message inside because I know that I did not and could lift a car up all by myself I had some help. Help can come in many shapes and forms from fellow sisters. Help was a scripture from a friend Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Help was a simple text message that says, “Girl you got this!”, or even song like Beyoncé’s who runs the world. Every story, shared tear and testimony emerged from the inspiration of women who have lifted cars, pulled tractors, ran marathons, raise children, went back to school, worked tirelessly hours to put food on the table. These women are architects of durability and I stand on the shoulders of giants and these amazing giants have given me pieces of their spirit that I carry with me each time I accomplish a dream.

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Meshell Baylor

Author of I’m A Little Big Brother 2016 editor’s choice LA Parent Magazine for Entering the World of Oz with Justin Author of poem To All the mothers!