There is a quote that says “Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you”. Throughout this year we endured a multitude of indescribable events that have impacted our lives. People have learned to cherish the meaning of family and preserving time, and the importance of self care. I had the opportunity of speaking to the Native American community about self care and how it relates to the wellbeing of securing your own state of mind, physically and emotionally but how do you know if your taking it easy ?.

In a world of a fast paced environment where everyone is trying to earn a quick buck to get ahead you find yourself rushing against the clock to make every dream and aspiration come true. Getting older turning an age can alter your mentality into assuming that your in a race to achieve the impossible.

You will find yourself reflecting on your past mistakes instead of moving toward your future endeavors. Women who are magicians wear so many hats. Women make up 60 percent in the workforce according to U.S Workforce Statistics and 40 percent are parents, caregivers and returning back to school students. I have had the privilege to sit down with women of every nationality.

One particular conversation was talking to register nurse Alma who considers herself the “TIGER LADY” from the 1987 movie “Baby Boom”, juggling the everyday stressors of life while trying to be a parent and partner. When engaging in a conversation she spoke of balancing the life being a mother, wife and register nurse while going back to college. She looked at me deeply and stated “ Finding the time for myself to enjoy the little things can be challenging, I am still trying to be the Tiger Lady”. She continued to say it was a divine intervention from God that smacked her in the face to take time to focus on her self care.

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She continued to detail that finding her self care was called her personal “self care quarantine”. A time for her to detox all the things she was juggling on her shoulders to focus on her self care. She share her personal to do list

1. Turn Off The Phone !

Finding time to shut off all communication and allow the energy of God and positivity roll throughout your body. You cannot do that with Tik Tok or Facebook.

2. Leave Everything Where it Is

On any off day do not rush to do chores or laundry leave it for one day it’s not gonna hurt you.

3. Say NO !

You have the right to say No to things that do not give you creative time to breath

4. Stop Trying To Fix Everything

Rome was not built in a day so please remember self care, school, everything is a process

5. Laugh

Laughter heals everything find time to laugh at the stupid things whether big or small. if not God will show you something that you will never forget

Understanding the importance of knowing your worth means saying yes to strengthen your faith in God and at the same time saying No to things that will hinder you. We are not meant to be Tiger Ladies but we are strong enough to achieve anything.

6. Work is Work

You will always have time to climb that ladder and work toward your career goals. Do not force yourself !

In closing women are superwomen we can achieve anything but when God tells you to slow down sometimes, you just breathe and allow everything to run its course.



Author of I’m A Little Big Brother 2016 editor’s choice LA Parent Magazine for Entering the World of Oz with Justin Author of poem To All the mothers!

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Meshell Baylor

Author of I’m A Little Big Brother 2016 editor’s choice LA Parent Magazine for Entering the World of Oz with Justin Author of poem To All the mothers!