Your Killing Me Karen Pulling the “VICTIM CARD” as a form of White Privilege

Your walking through the grocery store minding your own business when you approached by a middle age white woman asking, “What are you doing here?” When addressing the woman, she immediately starts screaming and saying your attacking her. She continuously shouts boisterously; she rapidly pulls in the attention of crowds of people citing she is being attack or makes a false 911 call informing the operator that she is being attacked by a vicious black person. The Millennial generation refers this to being a “Karen”. A Karen is term used to describe a woman perceived to be entitled, a stereotypical Caucasian woman who uses her “white privilege” to demand her way at the expense of others. Considering the recent trends of phone recordings of Caucasian women questioning people on where they are going or doing or using obscene language and vulgarity to get their way and threating to call the police as a form of weaponry. Karen’s utilize the boy who cried wolf syndrome as a form of drawing outside attention and high demands. The specific actions are primarily utilized on minorities that are either black or brown and various ethnicities. A Karen approaches a minority or individual of color informing them they have no rights to be in a specific area and makes threats to contact the authorities. She continues to escalate the situation by screaming calling the police or making threats to the second party.

This type of bogus exploitation has been a long memorable activity that has used to lynch, slaughter, hang people of color going back to the slavery. A Caucasian lady of white privilege disclosing to her family, or law authorities that she has been victim of assault at the hands of a slave . A prime example is the terrible demise of Emmet Till. While seeing family in Money, Mississippi, 14-year-old Emmett Till, an African American from Chicago, is ruthlessly murdered for supposedly flirting with a white lady four days sooner. Emmett ask the white lady sitting behind the store counter for a date. He went in, got some candy, and in transit out was heard saying, “Bye, baby” to the lady. the lady behind the counter — later stated that he grabbed her, she claimed Emmet made licentious advances and wolf-whistled at her as he walked out. Emmet Till was taken from his in-laws home and killed. Years later the young lady abjured that Mr. Till never assaulted her or utilized obscenity. Emmet’s death ignited the civil rights movement in 1955.

An example that is not written in history books but leaves a dreadful memory is the Rosewood Massacre in 1923. The Rosewood slaughter was an assault on the overwhelmingly African American town of Rosewood, Florida, in 1923 by enormous gatherings of white aggressors. The town was obliterated before the finish of the savagery, and the occupants were driven out for all time. A Caucasian lady by the name of Fannie Taylor. 22-year-old Fannie Taylor was heard shouting to nearby neighbors in her locale that she was explicitly attacked by a person of color who broke into her home. No evidence of said attacker was ever recovered in the massacre nor during the investigation. The Rosewood Massacre resulted in the deaths of 150 black people. This form “Karenism” is a systematic demonstration of Caucasian women abusing the police system to their advantages of control and power that have resulted in the deaths of many individuals of color in the past.

Today’s millennials generation are using their tech savvy social media platforms to help the world catch an eye of the deep rooted sub judication that people of color receive when false police calls, accusations and attacks are made by young, middle age and older Caucasian women use to as form of victimization against people of color. As our society continuously tries to heal from the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ryshard Brooks we see on Instagram, and various social media outlets Karen’s stalking, harassing, and making false police calls on individuals of color. It is truly demonstrated in many of these videos that they comprehend that their “Cry Wolf” syndrome is a form of power and authority utilized as a form of privilege weaponry to silence and control individuals of color. Although the fight for respect, the advocacy for Black Lives Matter continue, we as a people united can put a stop to the “Karenism” plaguing our country and no more to this form of tyranny.




Author of I’m A Little Big Brother 2016 editor’s choice LA Parent Magazine for Entering the World Of Oz with Justin Author of poem To All The Mothers !

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Meshell Baylor

Meshell Baylor

Author of I’m A Little Big Brother 2016 editor’s choice LA Parent Magazine for Entering the World Of Oz with Justin Author of poem To All The Mothers !

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